Author: Owen Roberts

Europe opens up to GMOs while America waves a yellow flag

Anti-GMO sentiment seems to be waning in Europe, and the European Commission is stepping up approvals for farmers to grow genetically modified crops. At the same time, in North America, where GMO crops got their start, concerns have heightened about farmers’ overuse of the herbicides that control weeds in GMO fields. Photo:

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Building back means building up those with not enough

The numbers of Ontarians accessing food banks hasn’t declined in step with post-pandemic economic recovery. Feed Ontario, the province’s largest collective of hunger relief organizations, has released a report of recommendations aimed at resolving the root causes of hunger. It should be top drawer reading for all politicians.

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Huge farm support arrives just hours before election call

Farmers in western Canada and northern Ontario, who have been suffering through a drought, received additional, last-minute funding to help them feed and water their livestock.
Kudos to federal agriculture minister Bibeau for managing to make it happen before the election was called. Photo:

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