Author: Owen Roberts

Negative messages about agriculture hurt mid-size farms

Mid-size farms, like middle class families are declining in numbers. They’re giving way to smaller, specialized operations where food is more expensive to produce. That’s unfortunate because mid-size farms have been the stalwarts of Canada’s food production system – efficient,
competitive and environmentally sustainable.

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You’ll hear more from young farmers in the new year

Farmers have a lot of credibility with the public. And as the New Year advances, you can expect to see more of them in the media, communicating with consumers about how they produce food. Kudos to Ottawa and to the Canadian Agricultural Youth Council for their participation in this effort. Image:

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Owen Roberts is a faculty member in the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications program at the University of Illinois. As an agricultural journalist, he is the past president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and a lifetime achievement award recipient from the Canadian Farm Writers' Federation.

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