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Teaching resource helps students learn about pigs

Today’s pork is a nutritious source of affordable protein, thanks to decades of careful swine breeding. AgScape, the non-profit organization dedicated to bringing agriculture and food into Ontario classrooms has teamed up with Ontario Pork to offer teacher curriculum packages to students in grades 5 to 10. Image: Ontario Pork

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Huge farm support arrives just hours before election call

Farmers in western Canada and northern Ontario, who have been suffering through a drought, received additional, last-minute funding to help them feed and water their livestock.
Kudos to federal agriculture minister Bibeau for managing to make it happen before the election was called. Photo:

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Cash, the cringe factor and meatless meat

A new study out of the University of Illinois says that the meatless meat industry’s success will depend primarily on two factors: cost to produce, and consumer acceptability. Plant-based meat seems worthy of a try, but lab-cultured meat product? That might be a bit tougher to swallow. Image:

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Owen Roberts is a faculty member in the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications program at the University of Illinois. As an agricultural journalist, he is the past president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and a lifetime achievement award recipient from the Canadian Farm Writers' Federation.

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