Author: Owen Roberts

No farm visits? No problem with Adopt a Cow

Take a dairy farmer with kids in 4H and a kindergarten teacher looking for remote learning opportunities, and you get an exciting, new farm-based program for school kids called ‘Adopt A Cow’. Modelled after a similar program in the U. S., farmer Heather Peters and teacher Melissa Pearce were overwhelmed by the response of local dairy farmers willing to participate.

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Bright minds from McGill University’s Macdonald campus

Janine Lock and Mark Ruiter are two of the faces of tomorrow’s agriculture – enthusiastic, optimistic and keen to continue learning after graduation. It’s that last quality, in particular, that bodes well for home-grown innovation in Canada’s agri-food industry…and it’s just what’s needed for competitiveness and sustainability in these challenging times.

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Urban Cowboy

Raising awareness and promoting dialogue about current food and agriculture issues.


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Owen Roberts is a faculty member in the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications program at the University of Illinois. As an agricultural journalist, he is the past president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and a lifetime achievement award recipient from the Canadian Farm Writers' Federation.

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