Author: Owen Roberts

Rift with Ottawa sparks new angle on climate

There was good news and bad for Canada’s agri-food sector at last week’s federal-provincial-territorial agriculture ministers’ meeting. The federal Liberals announced $250 million to compensate farmers for the environmental benefits their lands provide, but wouldn’t budge on the 30 percent fertilizer reduction mandate the industry says is too much, too soon.

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Name change keep cattle producers in step with Canadians

After more than 90 years, the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association has changed its name and visual identity to better reflect its make-up and commitment to sustainability.
Rebranded as the Canadian Cattle Association, and with a new logo, the organization has shown its determination to be in step with its members and consumers.

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Cows cannot reduce their own greenhouse gas emissions

It’s true that cattle produce greenhouse gas, but not as much as they’re often blamed for. And there’s help on the way to reduce that even further. Feed supplements are now on the market that will reduce the gas emissions, and many more dietary alternatives will soon be available. Image:

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Governments need a solid plan to support agriculture

Every five years, the federal government sets out a national agri-food policy framework. It’s like a roadmap with priorities – and the next one is due in 2023. The Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses says the framework needs to enable Canadian agri-businesses to become more competitive in world markets. But first, they say, the sector faces other challenges that need governments’ immediate attention. Image:

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Gliding through calving season: That’s the answer

Anne and Barry Wasko are Saskatchewan beef ranchers who practice a blend of old approaches and new technology to protect the future of their grasslands and their new-born calves. Chef James McFarland of the University of Saskatchewan shares the Wasko’s’s conservation credo and says that learning more about the food you cook and consume is a matter of sustainability.

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