Author: Owen Roberts

Research measures farmers’ resilience during tough times

Five years ago, research at the U of G revealed just how poorly many farmers were coping with tough conditions on and off the farm. Since then, there’s been a flurry of mental health programs rolled out and destigmatizing discussions in the media? Have they helped? A new survey aims to find out. Photo:

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Livestock producers keeping close eye on welfare vote

Animal activists in Colorado are pushing for a state ballot that could devastate livestock production in that state. Their proposals regarding minimum livestock lifespans and banned artificial insemination promise to raise meat prices through the roof and threaten gains made in healthier, better producing animals through decades of careful breeding.

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Ready, set, grow says federal lender about food sector

The outlook for Canada’s food and beverage processing industries is optimistic says Farm Credit Canada. But it’s a different story for the institutional food sector where hired help is hard to find. Farmers in Norfolk County are also experiencing labour problems with new local public health requirements for temporary international workers, just as they start to arrive. Photo:

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Owen Roberts is a faculty member in the Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications program at the University of Illinois. As an agricultural journalist, he is the past president of the International Federation of Agricultural Journalists and a lifetime achievement award recipient from the Canadian Farm Writers' Federation.

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