My Urban Cowboy column usually appears on the online opinion pages of the Guelph Mercury. It’s not there this week, though, but it’s in today’s print version, where it’s faithfully appeared for 20 years, headlined “EU takes new look at genetically modified food” (page A8). The editors can’t run everything online all the time, or no one would buy the paper.

That said, the Mercury gave a lot of electronic ink to genetically modified food matters today, and to me.  For example, there’s a lengthy letter to editor from reader Gordon Fuller, who disagrees with my pro-science position of a few columns ago. Last week, he wrote me a personal, well-reasoned letter saying so. I asked if he’d like it submitted as a letter to the editor; he said yes, and today it also appears on A8, as well as being published online.

There’s more yet on the genetically modified food front in today’s Mercury — that is, a giant colour ad on page two, announcing an ambitious discussion about GMOs this upcoming Thursday night at the Italian Canadian Club, led by MP Frank Valeriote. It features seven panelists including University of Guelph professors, an organic advocate and a biotech industry spokesman addressing the question “What is the [GMO] debate about? That promises to be lively. Kudos to Guelph’s MP for bringing all sides of the issue together.

I’m thrilled the Mercury gives so much space to agriculture and food. Now, where’s that link to my column, again?

The photo here of genetically modified canola is from