Thanks to Guelph videographer Troy Bridgeman for putting together this video of Hockey Town, the song the GMOs wrote in support of the city’s Hockeyville bid.

We had a blast. I was out of town when the main part of the video was shot at Exhibition Arena with the other three GMOs (Len Kahn, Doug Larson and Rob McLean), MP Frank Valeriote, Mayor Karen Farbridge and about 150 Hockevville fans. Troy added me in later, at the outdoor rink in St. George’s Park.

The video gave me a great opportunity to dust off my #7 Gary Roberts Toronto Maple Leafs jersey. Gary played for the Guelph Platers in 1985-86, and later for the (in no particular order) Leafs, Flames, Panthers, Hurricanes, Penguins and Lightning. He was one of my favourite players, and easily one of the most durable, dedicated NHLers ever.

The GMOs were proud to be asked by the Guelph Mercury to write this song for the Hockeyville competition. Go Guelph!