That’s the word from Jim Rusk, a 1965 graduate from the Ontario Agricultural College who went on to work with CBC Radio and the Globe and Mail. He’s featured in a profile in the latest edition of OAC Alumni News (go to OAC’s main page, then to FACE FORWARD on the right navigation bar, then find OAC Alumni News. The story is on page 4). Rusk says his education as an Aggie and experience in the agricultural sector gave him a leg up:

Many journalists approach things through one of two lens. It’s either the populist view tainted by the belief that specific understanding of the matter at hand is not really needed, or a theoretical or ideological world view that also denies the need for practical understanding of matters. Aggies see it differently, and they can bring that to their writing.

Nice work on this edition of the newsletter by editor Karen Daynard and the publication’s many contributors. And thanks to new Aggie alumni Stef Nagelschmitz for pointing out the article.

Here’s a nice autumn photo of Johnston Hall, administrative home of the agricultural college, from the University of Guelph photo library.