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Pork producers go whole hog with new cookbook

I like Ontario Pork’s commitment to social responsibility, and the way it’s expressed in a new consumer-facing initiative – a magnificent cookbook called The Whole Hog.

Over the past decade, Ontario Pork and its 1,000-ish producer members have donated nearly 300,000 pounds of pork to Feed Ontario, the umbrella organization for Ontario food banks. That’s close to two million servings. Photo credit: Ontario Pork

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Consumers say they’ll stay loyal to local

Inflation is likely to keep consumers home this spring.

A new poll of 50,000 panelists conducted for the Ontario Produce Marketing Association says over the next three months, rising costs will force people to cut back on spending money at restaurants and bars. About half of the respondents said they’ll make fewer trips out. Photo Credit: David Malan/Photographer’s Choice/Getty Images

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Will 2023 be the Year of the Farmer?

An advocacy group called the lllinois Farm Families has created a campaign called Year of the Farmer. It wants consumers to know that almost all farms are family owned. Same with Ontario. Corporations supply farms with products like fertilizer and seed. But the suggestion that faming is corporate controlled is a myth. Photo: Illinois Farm Families Program.

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Revving up the agri-food “moonshot” against cancer

President Biden’s “moonshot” announcement of 2016 – to reduce cancer deaths by 50 percent over the next 25 years – was reintroduced last Monday. The US Department of Agriculture will have a key role to play in the effort by ensuring the most nutritious foods are available in the school meal programs it oversees.

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