It’s pretty clear we’re headed toward a world of more livestock, not less. Trends show that as nations develop, their appetite for animal protein increases. And there’s no question developing nations have a growing middle class that can afford more animal protein.

Developed nations such as ours ignore this trend at their peril, and everyone else’s. We know a lot about animal agriculture – genetics, feed, welfare, health, marketing, processing – and we can be helpful in making sure livestock production grows in an effective, efficient way that combines environmental sensitivities, the animal’s needs, and local demand.

That expertise is what gives pertinence and credence to a proposed Livestock Hall of Excellence at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. The hall project, unveiled as the Royal was winding down for another year, stands to offer up a great location for dairy and beef producers as well as international visitors to view — and buy — the finest in Canadian genetics.

I write about the project in my Urban Cowboy column in the Guelph Mercury.

The photo here is from the Royal’s photo gallery.