Is modern agriculture on the right track? For the most part yes, says Rob Hannam, president of the Synthesis Agri-Food Consulting Network. Rob, pictured below, offered a well-paced and ample presentation on the topic to a full house at yesterday’s Guelph Partnership for Innovation networking breakfast meeting, in the grand ballroom of the Delta Hotel and Conference Centre in Guelph.  He cited 10 steps to guide the sector:

1. When it comes to contentious issues, seek all information, then make informed decisions.

2. Support local food. Realize how lucky we are to have such broad choices.

3. Vote with your food dollars. Money talks and consumers will drive the market.

4. If you want it, ask for it. The food sector will respond.

5. One size doesn’t fit all. Different consumers will have different needs.

6. Explain, explain, explain. Go beyond the science and show some emotion.

7. Offer choices. Significant opportunities await those who can spot new markets.

8. Self monitor. Don’t dismiss criticism; constantly raise the bar.

9. Embrace sustainability. Farmers’ stewardship of the soil, water and air is a good story.

10. Adopt new technology, including biotechnology. Continually make advances.

Nice work, Rob!