UPI Energy has invited the media to attend its E85 launch event, to commemorate the opening of the third E85 publicly accessible fuelling facility in Canada. 

The other two E85 locations are also UPI Energy gas bars in Guelph and Chatham, Ontario. 

According to the news release, "The organization will take the next step in its dedication to the renewable fuels efforts by adding E85 to its extensive line of environmentally friendlier fuels.  Offering E85 will significantly impact the agricultural sector and continue to provide awareness for the renewable fuels industry as UPI opens the door for others to follow.  It is hoped that the launch of UPI’s E85 gasoline will further support the development of ethanol production in Ontario, have a significant impact on generating greater interest in environmentally friendlier alternatives, help to expand the availability of greener fuels and play a significant role in reducing our nation’s dependence on fossil fuels.  It is also hoped the event and the product’s introduction will demonstrate to rural consumers the technical and commercial viability of this renewable fuel. E85 is a blend of up to 85% high octane, water-free, corn-based ethanol, produced in Ontario, and UPI’s unleaded gasoline.  E85 gets its name from the maximum 85% ethanol content, which is seasonally adjusted to ensure optimum ignition."

I'm glad to see E85 advancing in Ontario.